How do I book an event at the Ivy Lane Estate?add

Simply give us a call at +1 647 880 5916 or send us an email at to schedule a tour of the estate. After your tour of our beautiful venue you are welcome to make a booking for your event at your earliest convenience.

Are guests allowed inside the mansion?add

The Ivy Lane Estate is an outdoor private event venue. With the exception of bridal parties, guests are not allowed inside the mansion however the venue includes a 2,000 square foot party tent & indoor washrooms in the event it rains during the event.

Can we use the pool for our event?add

Yes - our salt water resort-style pool is included with all events booked at the Ivy Lane Estate, weather permitting. If you'd like to use the pool for your event just let us know!

How many guests does the venue accommodate?add

The Ivy Lane Estate can accommodate  150 guests for a seated event such as a wedding reception or up to 300 guests for  a standing event such as a pool party / corporate event.

Are there overnight accommodations?add

The Ivy Lane Estate is a private outdoor event venue. Unfortunately there are no overnight accommodations, however downtown Niagara Falls is approximately 30 minutes away and downtown Toronto is approximately 45 minutes away - both feature an excellent variety of upscale hotels.

Do we have to use specific vendors?add

Nope! Our venue is a blank canvas - you can use any vendors you choose and make your event as extravagant as you'd like. We don't offer kick-backs or referrals to vendors which helps us offer you an affordable venue for any event!

Is there parking available on the property?add

Yes. Our venue has enough parking for over 100 vehicles on-site; all parking is in front of the mansion so your guests experience a breathtaking view of the entire estate upon arrival.

Are the helicopter and exotic cars included with my event?add

While the helicopter and exotic car collection is often parked in front of the mansion, it is not guaranteed for any events at the Ivy Lane Estate. The helicopter and exotic cars can be reserved by your event for an additional fee upon booking.